Press release

Created: Mon, 5/8/2020

Are you an expatriate and want to learn Quran online from qualified hafiz tutor with Tajweed in Bangla? Then join

Alhamdulillah,, is pleased to announce its Service of Online Quran learning and a teaching academy. ElmulQuran will be a Hassle-Free Online Quran Learning platform for interested the Bengali expatriate community who find it challenging to learn in their mother tongue (Bangla). It is an Interactive Way to Learn and Memorize the Holy Quran Online for Muslims as well as the general public who want to find out more about the Qur'an.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Convey from me, even one verse." (Bukhari)

The goal is to teach the message, Allah, to the people, and classes will entail.

In Sha Allah, all classes will run online 24/7 so that location and time do not affect the cycle of study. Classes will focus on everything you need to learn about the Holy Qur'an. Flexible hours will help the students to pick out suitable learning class time. Tajweed and memorization classes will help people learn the correct way to read Allah's words and keep them in their hearts for life. also offers Quran Tutors, one-on-one, and a group class where students can join and have an interactive session with their hafiz. This class extends from kids of all ages to adults, so everyone is covered.

Our classes are covered by a qualified teacher well trained to teach expatriate children especially in Bengali Community. We also feature qualified Female Quran Teachers to handle our mothers, sisters, aunty, so they feel free to interact and ask about all the need to make the Females Quran learning process better without a barrier.

You may be asking why you need an online Qur'an school. Well, there are ample benefits of learning your Qur'an form an online class. Which include?

  1. Low cost- Quran Online eliminate the cost of moving from one place to another; the cost of physical presence and maintenance is reduced.
  2. Flexible- students have time for themselves, juggle classes with parenting and work, and eliminates the permission to leave the how for females students thereby improving Females Quran Learning
  3. All lectures are documented for later reviews by the student, and students have access to their Quran tutors more and quickly.
  4. Students have access to the experts in all the Holy Quran learning subjects and end up becoming the best in their homes and communities.
  5. Parents are constantly informed about what the teacher is teaching to the students.

'The goal of is to revolutionize the Holy Quran teaching and learn the process. ElmulQuran works for the Bengali expatriate community who want to learn the Quran in their mother tongue (Bangla). Our app and website are highly interactive and delivers all what it offers. We want to leave each user with a great experience and help them achieve their Quran learning set milestone. We will leave you better than you were before.'