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Privacy Policy

ElmulQuran.org cannot operate appropriately without collecting some vital user information from users to ascertain the real identity behind every student. For that reason, all data submitted is subjected to our privacy policy, which we expect all users to be familiar with before signing the system.

In this privacy policy, "we," "us," "our" refers to ElmulQuran.org. "You," "there," and "your" refers to the user/students/parents of the website.

ElmulQuran.org. Policies may be updated anytime, and users must be responsible for following the update on our website. A newsletter may be sent to all users’ emails to update them with the changes.

Most importantly, all information collected remains with ElmulQuran.org and is never shared with and 3rd party. They will all be protected by the website and never violated, In Sha Allah.

Personal Information Log

ElmulQuran.org reserves all right to collect the following information from users in any manner we see fit. Information may be obtained using the next channel, but notwithstanding; the information is not limited to the list below.

Information required may include

Consent of the user

ElmulQuran.org request users to agree to the use of all information provided to be used for and not limited to-

Information Protection Policy

All information provided at any point of usage is stored with us unless otherwise requested by users who do not wish to further enjoy our services. The user request is honored, and their information is deleted.

Your information is protected alteration using top-notch technologies, SSL certified, and cloud base against unauthorized access.

ElmulQuran.org understandably protects your data. It is well secured and never at any time disclose to anyone.

Teachers and students alike, no information is shared. Students are not required to share their personal information in class or with their teachers, which may include but not limited to address, phone number, emails, etc. Should such happen, we are not to be held responsible for your actions. If such disclosure leads to any security breach, ElmulQuran.org will inform you about it.

We provide necessary information to teachers as you register, for example, your name, class, age only. Children can access the site only through their parents' supervision and are advised not to submit any personal information.

Leaving our website through hyperlinks also mean we cannot protect you again, do take note of that.


ElmulQuran.org, like any other site, has several cookies to help our website function properly. You can accept or reject a request from this pop-up. However, cookies help track your user experience and prepare your page for the correct session.

Accepting our privacy policy

Using our site is your automatic acceptance of this policy. So go through the plan and contact us for further clarification.

Contact us

You are free to contact us with any questions concerning our policies.