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Assalamu Alaikum, Do you want to learn the Quran online with Tajweed from Professional & Qualified Hafiz?

You can start your journey into the world of knowledge with a series of lessons with elmulquran.org. One of the most important nuances is that of Tajweed, the correct pronunciation of Arabic terms.

The theme of this one to one Quran tuition is to provide learners with the basics they need to be able to read the Holy Quran correctly. One of those needed basics is to learn to read Arabic with different movements. It is important to have knowledge of Tajweed as well to be able to read the Quran properly.

Our online Quran tuition will help you to explore the great beauty of the Holy Quran, which goes far beyond the stories of creation and the laws set out by Allah.

To keep the interest level of student high, lessons will be mixed with several other activities e.g. Learning basic Arabic/tajweed and fundamentals of Islam (Five pillars, Duas, short surah memorization etc.). Stories of the prophets will covered along with interactive and fun games.

Why Choose ElmulQuran

Worldwide Recognized

ElmulQuran is serving since 2020 in more than 60 countries of the world including USA, UK, Europe, Australia & Canada.

24/7 Service

We offer Quran lessons round the clock to make it possible for students to learn anywhere, anytime.

Appraisal Certificate

We award a completion certificates after the successful evaluation of the completed course that is posted to students’ mail addresses.

Seamless Payment

We have made it easy for you to process your invoices securely and safely via credit card, local bank transfers and PayPal.

Individual Classes

We offer individual classes with students’ own gender and teaching preferences, one-to-one with students.

Evaluation Reports

Not only does our Quality Control Team monitor teachers but they also provide students with a progress report every month.

Online Panel

We have a learning management system to keep record of schedules, lessons, and payments.

Alternative Teachers

To ensure that students do not miss out when their teachers are absent, we have substitute teachers to conduct their classes.

Multilingual Tutors

We strive hard to hire expert Arab and Non-Arab, male and female Quran teachers around the world who can teach you in the language you are most comfortable speaking.

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Our Courses

Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is the first step in the journey of analyzing the Holy Quran. Noorani Qaida contains almost all the pronunciation rules of reciting the Holy Quran.

What Will You Learn ?

You will learn recognition of Arabic letters in different shapes and sounds.

You will learn Makharij of the Arabic Alphabets.

You will learn basic rules of tajweed.

You will learn how to read Quran with proper pronunciation.


This course is designed for students who can read Quran but are not fluent in reading Quran and want to improve their reading skills.

What Will You Learn ?

You will learn Method of reading Holy Quran with proper Makharij

You will learn Definitions of Hadar and Tarteel

You will learn Obligatory knowledge and teachings of Islam


You will actually memorize complete Quran with correct pronunciation in Arabic accent.

What Will You Learn ?

You will learn to read the Arabic language using Noorani Qaida curriculum.

You will be given new lesson for memorization daily.

Evaluation of the lesson given in the last week.

Consolidation of all old lessons.


We offer online Salah/Dua classes beside Quran Reading for our Muslim brothers and sisters who want to learn Salah & Hadith properly.

What Will You Learn ?

You will learn Faraiz of Namaz (Salah’s obligations)

You will learn Preconditions of Namaz & its Mufsidaat (The actions which break Salah)

You will learn Makroohat-e-Namaz (The actions get Salah revised).

You will learn How to offer Funeral Salah, Passenger’s Salah, Eid Salah and missed Salah (Qadha Namaz).

Ayah Of The Day

হে জিন ও মানবকূল, নভোমন্ডল ও ভূমন্ডলের প্রান্ত অতিক্রম করা যদি তোমাদের সাধ্যে কুলায়, তবে অতিক্রম কর। কিন্তু ছাড়পত্র ব্যতীত তোমরা তা অতিক্রম করতে পারবে না।

সূরা আর রহমান, 33

Hadith Of The Day

ইমরান ইবনু মাইসারা (রহঃ) ... আনাস (রাঃ) থেকে বর্ণিত, তিনি বলেন, (সালাতে সমবেত হওয়ার জন্য) সাহাবা-ই কিরাম (রাঃ) আগুন জ্বালানো অথবা নাকূস বাজানোর কথা আলোচনা করেন। আবার এগুলোকে (যথাক্রমে) ইয়াহূদী ও নাসারাদের প্রথা বলে উল্লেখ করা হয়। তারপর বেলাল (রাঃ) কে আযানের বাক্য দু’বার করে ও ইকামতের বাক্য বেজোড় করে বলার নির্দেশ দেওয়া হয়।

সহীহ বুখারী, 576

Dua Of The Day

Alhamdulillah hil’ladhi ah’yaana ba’damaa amaa’tanaa wa ilay’hin nushoor.

Sahih Muslim 4/2083

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